Sayulita, Mexico

Living in Sayulita as a digital nomad

Sayulita is a beach town known for surf and boho-chic culture. Tucked away behind ridges of thick green jungle, sits a tiny universe of color, movement, and ancient cultural heritage.

From its colorful streets, to its spectacular sunsets, this town is beautiful. Home to artists, travelers, and digital nomads from all over the world, Sayulita is a great place to work from your computer while enjoying a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Many people who come for only a few days, choose this as a permanent location to stay and work online.


  • Beach and surf. The greatest benefit of this place is the beach area. It's just two blocks away from the main square, and where everyone mostly gather. Sunset are really beautiful here. There are great beach parties. And if you are a surfer, here's a great place to learn or keep practicing.
  • Multicultural. It has a great mix of local and foreigners, so there won't be problem if you just only want to communicate with english. But of course, it is so much better (and ethical) if you want to hang out with mexicans as there are still many living here.
  • Cute coffee shops. There is a surprisingly good amount of coffee shops despite the size of the town, and most of them offer either delicious food and relatively great internet.
  • Safety. A small town where they care about the tourist, you will totally feel safe at any time. It's a really chill vibe here.
  • Nature activities. Beside the obvious surfing spots, this town is surrounded by jungle so you can do many hikes.
  • Food. Sayulita is the most diverse town in the region when it comes to food.  From gourmet food experiences, where deep-sea divers bring you your food from the ocean floor, to some of the world’s best-ranked BBQ, to affordable and delicious traditional Mexicanmexican food, Sayulita has a niche for every palette.


  • Expensive accommodation. As it's a small town and there's a lot of demand, housing price has been off the chart lately. Some place are not even worth the price, it's just that some local renters try to take advantage of the tourism.
  • Slow internet when housing. Most coffee shops and coworking spaces have good internet but the problems goes when finding an apartment than can also offer great wifi.

Where to wifi

Internet in Sayulita is actually really good, especially because most places are served by a big antenna that brings internet to the whole town. There are rumours of fiber optic being installed in the next year, so expect even better internet in the upcoming times.

An important thing to note is that Sayulita experience power outages, but it happens in rare ocassions.

4G works very well in the main area, only goes off if you try to work from remote areas like the jungle or closed-by towns.

A few places that I'd recommend:

Selina Cowork - 11.2mbps download, 7.97mbps upload

Sayulita Coworking - 36mbps download, 34mbps download

Another One Coffee - 14.1mbps download, 9.03mbps upload

Miscelanea Cafe - 18.7mbps download, 8.91mbps upload

Yah Yah Cafe - 10.32mbps download, 9.71mbps upload

Anchor Cafe: 19.4mbps download, 8.48mbps download

Organik: 32mbps download, 9.62mbps upload

Important things to know

  • When to go: It's very humid most all year round, so anytime is good to go but you can visit in December if you want to skip cold winter in other places.
  • Language: Spanish is the official language spoken by the majority of the population. However, most people working in tourism and hospitality industry speak both Spanish and English.
  • Climate: Sayulita’s location on the Central Pacific coast of Mexico, hemmed in by jungle covered mountains, gives it a sub-tropical climate with only two seasons, dry, fairly warm winters (November to May) and hot, semi-humid wet summers (June to October). The Sayulita region averages 345 days of sunshine and 60 inches of rain a year.
  • Safety: The small, yet bustling village of Sayulita located far from the border, is just that - small, charming and very popular with tourists. Although growing rapidly in popularity on an international scale, Sayulita, Mexico is still a small town with friendly faces eager to meet and greet visitors whose patronage is essential to the local economy. Most crime is petty theft brought on by need and opportunity.
  • Data - There are big companies like Telcel or AT&T with relatively cheap prices for data.
  • Visa - Most country citizens are allowed to stay up to 180 days without a hassle.

Well, hope this solves some questions... I'd totally recommend to stay here for a month at least, or even more.

Of course, as of now, it's not advised to travel if it's essential. But it doesn't stop you from putting this place on your bucket list of places to go as a digital nomad.

Let me know if this useful!