Florida Keys

Living in Florida Keys, US as a digital nomad

I've been working online for many years, and in my recent travels, I met a girl who lives in Florida Keys. I didn't really know much about this area until I visited her and I gotta tell you: it's awesome over there!

I spent a whole month trying to live as a local digital nomad and I've got so much of it. It might not be in your next go-to list but I'm telling you that you gotta give a try if you live in US and work remotely.

What's cool about it?

  • Caribbean lifestyle. It's just an area of islands, everywhere. A chill vibe, most people are very friendly.
  • Tons of water activities. Diving of course, it's a must here, but you can paddle through mangroves or go on a boat.
  • Food and beers. They have two local breweries, with very delicious beers. Plenty of seafood options even tho I didn't try as I'm getting more into vegan food (which they have a few options).
  • Roadtrip shenaningans. The island chain is divided by 5 sections and there's so many places to discover: a diving museum, turtle hospital, etc.

What's lacking?

  • Cheap accommodation. The main downside of this area is the prices, everything is a bit expensive: airbnbs, hotels, transportation.
  • DN community. There's not many nomads here as people think it's only for retirees, or also, well because it's a bit expensive.

Anyway, all the island have their unique style.

  • Key Largo and Islamorada is where you can live and eat all of the options, plus get to all the diving spots.
  • Marathon is where you can get to the beach.
  • The Lower Keys are just for views, island hopping and finding the Key deers.
  • Key West is the tourist destination with lots of parties, coffee shops and just fun.

So have you been to the Keys? If you are making a good buck and work remotely just give it a try, you'll have so much fun there.